Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deepwater 7.5k race.


Came 7th in a pretty strong field with Epi and B’man finishing 8th and 9th respectively, so it was good for all of us to get a top ten finish, well done guys. The Baugh boys both ran really well finishing 1st and 4th respectively.

Race was underway and Epi and B’man skipped to a little lead and then I caught up with Simon at approx 500m and then we passed Epi at approx a km. Simon and I then continued to run together until approx 2.5km which was under the Mt Henry Bridge when I went a little in front. From then on I was running on my own with the guy in front of me a fair way in front. Thought there would be a nice tailwind behind us after we’d gone over Canning highway but that was not to be and so the last 1.5km or so was a bit of a slog as there was a bit of a crosswind but still managed 3:40’s.

What I’m really happy with is that the toe was fine and I managed to race with no bandages or patt strap which is the first time in a number of years. The DS Trainers were great to run in again.

I’m going to claim a 5k pb based on garmin today of 17:46 :).

Week in Summary 80k@4:17, last week 66.4k@4:36


trailblazer777 said...

Well done! Congratulations!!!, well done on continuing the form shown at Melbourne and in recent weeks. Also very good to hear the injury improvements.
Way to go!!!

DB on the run said...

great race!
envious of you, i had a significant cycle crash last week:
cracked rib, whiplashed neck, written off bike, alot of skin lost on road, helmet cracked right through!
recovered now after a week of complete rest and $3000 in expenses!

Clown said...

Mate, really sorry to hear about your crash, 2nd serious one I've heard about in the last couple of days.

Take it easy with your recovery and getting back into the swing of things and hope to see you out there soon.

Sling Runner said...

Another superb race Clown and congrats for an unofficial 5k PB.